Monday 4 January 2010

The 4 audiences

When you first introduce Knowledge Management to an organisation, you will meet a whole range of reactions;

"Hey this is great! I can see how this would deliver real value to me and my team, as well as making life easier and more fun" These will be the early adopters. Recruit them to the KM community, and enable them to speak on behalf of KM.

Interested parties
"Hmm - sounds interesting. I would like know more, and understand where it will deliver value" These are the second lot of people to recruit. They require a bit more convincing, and may only come "on board" when they see the first few in-house successes.

Sceptics "I am not convinced. Show me this in operation" Once you have demonstrated that KM consistently delivers value, these people may come on board, or at least agree to follow established procedures.

Die-hards "It will never work"
These people may never buy in to Knowledge Managment. Don't worry about them.

In this blog post I talked about how to take account of these groups of people, and how a staged and progressive KM implementation can be used to bring them into the fold one by one

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