Monday 20 July 2009

The partitioning of noesis contradictoriness

This has got to be the greatest product description ever, taken from this website referring to the book "advanced methods for inconsistent knowledge management"

I quote

Product Description

The requirement for partitioning of noesis contradictoriness arises in some applicatory applications of machine systems. This category of contradictoriness results from the ingest of assorted resources of noesis in realizing applicatory tasks. These resources ofttimes are free and ingest assorted mechanisms for processing noesis most the aforementioned actual world. This crapper advance to inconsistency. This aggregation provides a panoramic photograph of nimble technologies for contradictoriness resolution.

Features and topics include: Knowledge contradictoriness resolving; consensus and offend theories; contradictoriness of noesis – grammar and semantic; methods supported on contradictoriness measures for contradictoriness processing; noesis offend profiles; conflicts of ontologies; applicatory aspects of applications of planned methods.This aggregation presents state-of-the-art research, stuff a vacuum in the literature within the earth and offers researchers and graduates an valuable maker of meaning on the topic.

Wow - that was a valuable maker of meaning on the topic! Now I just need to find out what a crapper advance to inconsistency is!

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