Sunday 5 July 2009

A KM strategy for Ecopetrol

An excellent story here from Nancy Dixon, on a KM strategy session for Ecopetrol, the Colombian state oil company.

What I really like about this story, is the section where Nancy says

The morning of day two was convergent - a search for useable ideas, common ground, and limiting the many options they had heard the day before. These were multiple small group meetings using the world cafĂ© format and focused around the question “What knowledge do we need at Ecopetrol that we don’t have?” The room was set up with 25 tables with a facilitator at each table with participants. There were several rounds of discussion with people moving from table to table to talk with a new set of people about their ideas. Ecopetrol’s president, Javier Gutie´rrez, participated in the small group discussions.

The process is impressive, the involvement of the president is even more so, and it was crucial for them to start from the question "What Knowledge?"

That's a key question for any company, and for me, one of the most important questions you can ask in order to develop an effective KM strategy.

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