Friday 12 June 2009

Video - More on Peer Assist

To complement my recent post where I claimed Peer Assist as "the killer application in knowledge management", here's a youtube video on the topic.

See more knowledge management video here

(Small milestone - this is my 100th blog post)


Osama Kalkattawi said...

I was introduced to the peer assist as a technique in a KM workshop earlieer this month
I like the concept..and i have a questionabout the basis for assisting … what is it those participants helping you in solving your problems it on basis of pure knowledge and experience sharing i believe here is the motivation need haunting again in the context of KM

Nick Milton said...

I will answer this in a new blog post, if that's OK? Hopefully later today. It's an excellent question and deserves a good answer!

Also see my related blog post

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