Wednesday 3 June 2009

Senior Management buy-in, the Indonesian way

I am currently in Malaysia, presenting at a KM conference. We had some really interesting presentations today, but the one image that really made me sit up was from a Medco Energi presentation, where they showed the top table at their KM launch conference, with every single president from every single Medco subsidiary, plus the company founder, sitting in front of a "Knowledge Management in Medco" banner.

What a picture of leadership endorsement! What a coup - to have the visible presence of the entire leadership team!

I asked the presenter how he had achieved this level of support. He told me that his KM team contained a representative from each subsidiary, and he had given each representative the goal of ensuring their president was at the launch. As a result the leadership team were there in full, their launch was spectacular, and Medco are now number 5 in the Indonesian MAKE awards.

Well done, guys!

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