Wednesday 20 May 2009

Free knowledge management plan template.

"Learn Before Doing" is one of the core mantras of Knowledge management. However there is often a lack of definition as to what this learning entails, and a lack of focus and clarity on who is accountable for what learning.

Knowledge management plans are a way to deliver that focus and clarity. A Knowledge Management plan is a document for a specific project, which details; "What knowledge is needed by the project" "What knowledge will be created by the project" "What system of processes, technologies and roles will be used to manage knowledge within the project" and "What actions need to be taken to implement the system"

To help project teams start to understand the concept of the plan, we have uploaded a simple KM plan template to the downloads section of our website. This is suitable for small projects, but too mickey-mouse to work for large, high profile or critical projects, where you will need something bespoke.

Please, download it, try it, and give us feedback!

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