Tuesday 3 March 2009

The Value of Knowledge Management (5)

One last post on knowledge management value and why it is important to understand the value.

Implementing Knowledge Management is a process of change - attitude change and behaviour change. Behaviours and attitudes can change – we have seen this in industry with the introduction of safety management; a profound and highly successful cultural change, with visible and measurable results.

For attitudes to change, you need leadership commitment. You cannot change a culture without the full, whole hearted backing of leadership. However, for leaders to commit to Knowledge Management, they need to understand and endorse the value.

That is your job - to convince them of the value; to strike a bargain with leadership that says "knowledge management needs your support and championship, and in return, knowledge management will deliver real commercial value to the organisation".

Understand the value, communicate the value, "sell" the value, and your reward will be the leadership support you need.

See our page on knowledge management valuation

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