Wednesday 21 January 2009

Tools of the trade for the front-line Knowledge Manager

I am here in Chicago, having deep conversations with a real knowledge worker - a guy who has been working at this industrial plant for 35 years, and knows every aspect of his business. He is sharing his stories, his insights, his tips and tricks, and his visions and dreams - and I am listening hard and trying to record all I can.

Which made me realise, once again, that the main tools of the trade for the front-line knowledge manager are few and relatively simple

  • a digital video camera

  • a digital voice recorder

  • a digital stills camera

  • a set of sharp pencils, and loads of notebooks

With these, I have as good a record as possible of our rich conversations. These are the few simple tools I come back to time and time again, and which never let me down. Plus, of course, a lot of practice at listening!

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