Monday, 9 March 2015

Personal learning, KM and the 70:20:10 rule

The 70:20:10 rule is commonly quoted, as in this video by Steve Trautman, as representing the three ways in which people learn.

  • 10% of our learning, comes from formal training
  • 20% of our learning comes from mentoring or formal knowledge transfer, from a senior to a junior, or teacher to learner
  • 70% of our learning comes "On the job". 
In the video, Steve suggests that this on-the-job learning happens by osmosis. However the use of Knowledge Management can deliver on-the-job leaning in a far more effective way than just osmosis.
  • Reflective team learning practices such as After Action Review and Retrospect allow people to discuss what have been learned, and become conscious of learning, thus accelerating personal learning. 
  • Good knowledge bases form an explicit learning resource for people to learn on the job.
  • A community of practice forms a tacit learning resource for people to lean on the job.
A combination of formal learning and development, mentoring programs and Knowledge Management therefore cover the entire 100% spectrum of learning.

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