Monday, 1 July 2013

KM "as embedded as budgets or timewriting"

budget cambodge People often ask "what does embedded KM look like?

The answer is that it looks like any other embedded management discipline. Just in the way that "doing your budget" is fully embedded into the project cycle, do "doing your km plan" can be embedded into the work cycle. Just like "completing your timesheet" is seen s a required step within financial management, so is "doing your lessons capture" seen as a required ad embedded step. Budgets ad timesheets are just "things we do as part of the job", and one day you will find the processes of KM becomes equally embedded.

Just like budgets and timesheets, we will do the km processes naturally and without argument. We will know the processes are expected, we understand their point, everyone else is doing them, and if we don't do them, people will be taken aback.

That's "Embedded"

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